Dental Sealants in North Richland Hills, TX

Dental Sealants in North Richland Hills, TX

Dental sealants in North Richland Hills, TX are applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth to safeguard against decay and cavities. The thin, protective layer is mainly used on children’s teeth because over half of kids ages 6 to 8 already have tooth decay. Dental sealants can prevent cavities and help families save on dental costs. It is recommended that sealants be applied after each molar erupts, starting around age 6.

Did you know…

  • On average, dental sealants can last for a decade.
  • Many parents choose sealants in North Richland Hills for their kid’s teeth because it is more cost-effective and less invasive than filling a cavity.
  • Dental sealants are clear or tooth-colored, making them undetectable when talking, eating, or smiling.
  • About 90 percent of the tooth surface is covered with sealant material, providing 100 percent protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental sealants right for my child?

If your child has healthy erupted molars without cavities or decay, it may be time to have sealants applied. Book an appointment for a complete dental exam to determine if tooth sealants are the best preventative dental solution for your child.

What should my child expect during the application of dental sealants in North Richland Hills?

There is no pain or drilling involved in placing dental sealants. The treated tooth is cleaned thoroughly and prepared with a special gel. The next step is to paint the sealant on to the surface and cure it with a light. At first, your child may be very aware of the protective layer, but sealants are very thin, and your child will soon adapt.

Do dental sealants require special care instructions?

Are sealants are applied normal eating can resume. But it is important to keep up with routine dental visits so your North Richland Hills, TX dentist can check the sealants for signs of wear. If the layer is worn away or damaged, it will need to be reapplied.