Custom Night Guards in North Richmond Hills, TX

Custom Night Guards in North Richmond Hills, TX

Do you ever wake up with an unexplainable tightness in your jaw? Or wake up with a dull headache? Have you noticed any chips, fractures or ground down molars? You may be suffering from bruxism and not even know it!

When a person has bruxism, they find themselves grinding their teeth in the night involuntarily. This can cause damage, both small and large, to the teeth and jaw. If left unchecked, the molars can be severely ground down, and chips and fractures can even begin to form.

Causes of Bruxism

Getting to the root of bruxism can often be complicated. It usually stems from stress and anxiety the presents itself in the form of grinding while sleeping. For many people, stopping the grinding requires therapy and medication to get to the root of the anxiety and attempt to prevent it. A reduction of caffeine and a more defined sleep schedule can often be a good first step.

Treatments for Preventing Teeth Grinding

While eliminating bruxism can be tricky, stopping the damaging effects of the grinding is actually quite simple! By using a night guard, the force of the biting gets absorbed by the night guard instead of the teeth and jaw. The firm yet absorbent material is perfect for dissipating the force and preventing damage from occurring. A custom night guard made by your dentist is far superior to generic types since it eliminates any small pockets that can form by using a generic one, which ensures all the force of the grinding is absorbed.