Custom Athletic Mouthguards in North Richland Hills, TX

Custom Athletic Mouthguards in North Richland Hills, TX

During sports seasons, such as football, hockey, and lacrosse, you and your family should be protected with custom athletic mouthguards to prevent traumatic injuries to the teeth, mouth, and face.

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Dental injuries are very common in team sports. The result can be serious teeth damage and high dental bills. Prevention is the key, by wearing a custom mouthguard you can reduce the chance of experiencing painful oral injuries.

Don’t let your family members start the season without an athletic mouthguard. There are generic mouthguards available, but a properly-fitted custom mouthguard will be more beneficial and more protective than a generic one. When you wear an athletic mouthguard during sports activities, the risk of injuries to the mouth is reduced by approximately 90 percent.

Custom-Fitted Mouth Protection

A properly-fitted custom athletic mouthguard will allow normal breathing and swallowing and won’t interfere with athletic performance.

The protective device will absorb impact made during play. If it’s a hard fall, a collision or a blow to the face, a sports guard helps lessen the effect on your oral health.

Custom athletic mouthguards in North Richland Hills will last longer than a generic store-bought sports guard. It may cost a little more, but it will provide more reliable protection, that is longer lasting. The device will fit better because it is specially made to fit only your mouth.

It may be impossible to avoid sports injuries completely, but you can take steps to protect your face and mouth. A major collision can hit you out of nowhere, with a customized athletic mouthguard you can rest assured your teeth are safe.