Crowns & Bridges in North Richland Hills, TX

Crowns & Bridges in North Richland Hills, TX

Crowns and bridges in North Richland Hills, TX are custom fit replacement teeth. A crown or cap is placed over a natural tooth or dental implant. Dental bridges fill in the gaps left behind by lost teeth. The device is anchored in place by adjacent teeth or dental crowns on either side of the space. Both dental crowns and bridges are fixed dental appliances that can only be removed by a dentist.

Did you know…

Dental crowns and bridges in North Richland Hills are custom-made to fit everyone’s bite and is typically placed in one or two visits. With good oral hygiene habits and routine dental exams, crowns and bridges can last indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a dental crown or dental bridge in North Richland Hills right for me?

If you have a badly decayed or damaged tooth a dental crown may be used to restore your tooth. But if you have tooth loss and the empty space is surrounded by healthy teeth, a dental bridge in North Richland Hills may do the trick.

What should I expect when I get a crown or bridge?

First, the treated tooth will be prepared for placement of the dental prosthetic. A mouth impression will be taken, and a mold made to fabricate the crown or bridge. We use zirconia at Gallery Dental, for metal-free dental devices. During the first visit, the color of the prosthetic will be matched to your natural teeth, and you will be fitted with a temporary dental restoration. This will be worn until the permanent dental bridge, or dental crown is finished.

Are there any recommended post-treatment guidelines?

It is normal to experience some level of tooth sensitive after a crown or bridge is permanently placed. You may also have some gum soreness. Any discomfort is usually short-lived and well managed with ibuprofen.