Protect Your Smile From Dry Mouth

Protect Your Smile From Dry Mouth

September 11, 2018

Each season brings different oral health issues to consider. Our professional dental team at Gallery Dental is eager to offer the best quality of care to each of our patients with the many issues they might come across. Dry mouth is a common oral problem that can put you at a higher risk for other issues in the near future. What is dry mouth treatment and how can our smile dentist in North Richland Hills help you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile? Continue reading to learn the answer to these questions and see what other services we have to offer!

What is Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is a condition that causes the salivary glands to not produce a sufficient amount of saliva in order to keep the mouth properly wet. This can be caused by a wide range of things including a side effect of certain medications, aging, or the result of radiation from cancer treatment.

Why Do We Need a Certain Level of Saliva?

Saliva is made of up minerals and bacteria-fighting components that help to keep your mouth healthy and fight against harm. It helps to get rid of food particles and sugary residue that is left behind from foods and drinks. It provides your teeth with calcium in order to keep it strong while helping your breath to stay fresh. Finally, saliva offers a coating on your teeth that deter foods and drinks from staining your smile.

If your body is not producing enough saliva, then you can be left in a difficult situation. It can allow for tooth decay that is caused by trapped bacteria and weaker teeth that are affected by harmful acids. It also puts an individual at a higher risk of acquiring gum disease that will require treatments.

How Can Gallery Dental Help?

Our staff can provide helpful tips on combating dry mouth and its many side effects. Ask us about mouthwashes designed to treat dry mouth or about a fluoride treatment for your smile. Call our smile dentist in 76182 today to schedule a consultation with our dentist!