All About Dental Sealants

All About Dental Sealants

June 12, 2018

At Gallery Dental, we believe that prevention is one of the best things we can offer our patients. Dental sealants are a form of preventive dentistry which can create a barrier between a patient’s teeth and bacteria, acid and plaque. Ultimately patients with dental sealants are less likely to experience tooth decay and suffer from cavities.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a thin, BPA-free, liquid plastic which is painted directly on the teeth. Dental sealants are designed to be clear or tooth-colored, ensuring no one will notice they are even on your teeth.

Who Needs Dental Sealants?

Have you ever looked at the surfaces of your teeth? You’ll notice many different pits, depressions and grooves all over the surfaces. These areas of teeth are the perfect place for debris, bacteria and plaque to hide, eventually leading to decay in the tooth. We recommend dental sealants for all of our pediatric patients along with patients who have chronic decay.

The Dental Sealant Process

The entire process for dental sealants takes only a few minutes and can be done during a routine visit with us. The teeth will first be thoroughly cleaned, removing any debris or plaque. Next, a gel will be applied to prepare the tooth and bond the dental sealant material. Finally the dental sealant is applied and allowed to try, creating a barrier between your teeth and the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

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