4 Reasons Why Your Athlete Needs an Athletic Mouthguard in North Richland Hills, TX

4 Reasons Why Your Athlete Needs an Athletic Mouthguard in North Richland Hills, TX

May 1, 2018

If your child or teenager is involved in football, basketball, hockey, soccer, wrestling, gymnastics, or other sports, then they should be wearing a custom-fit mouthguard. You’ve likely heard this advice, but you might be met with resistance from your child. After all, most mouthguards are notoriously cumbersome. The good news is that a properly fitting, custom mouthguard from Gallery Dental doesn’t have to be a pain, and the benefits are definitely worth it. Here are four reasons why your student athlete needs an athletic mouthguard in North Richland Hills, TX:

1. Prevents Tooth Loss

Above all, our North Richland Hills mouthguards are known for preventing tooth loss in the event of an impact. Tooth loss prevention is critical, and therefore, a mouthguard is recommended for this reason. This can save you money, and it can save your child from pain and hours of dentistry.

2. Absorb Shock to Prevent Other Dental Injury

Outside of tooth loss, other dental and oral injury can include accidentally biting the tongue or the inside of the cheek. This can be extremely painful in some cases, especially where hard impacts can happen.

3. Reduces Effects of Direct Hits to Jaw

Our sports mouthguards in North Richland Hills can minimize the effects of direct hits to the jaw, which can save a lifetime of problems with jaw popping and TMJ.

4. Reduces Concussion

The use of athletic mouthguards has even been connected with reduced rates of concussion. We believe that’s because mouthguards help stabilize the head and neck.

Want a mouthguard that will properly fit and provide protection? Come in for custom mouthguards in North Richland Hills to ensure that your child gets a comfortably fitting athletic mouthguard that they are more likely to wear. The best way to protect your child’s smile is with a custom mouthguard in North Richland Hills. Contact us today for a consultation!